Tennis Avenue Residence

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Published:          Houses Magazine; Brisbane News; Domain; Architecture AU; Lunchbox Architecture; Archello

“A new timber pavilion has been sensitively added to the rear of a humble 1920’s cottage, embracing the historical significance of hoop pine to Brisbane’s subtropical landscape” Michelle Bailey, Houses Magazine

Occupying a quiet street in a conservative neighbourhood sits the Tennis Ave residence with new additions that nestle into the suburban setting respecting the scale, form and materiality of its context. The addition weaves between the constraints of a substantial hoop pine, a backyard pool and the existing character cottage.

Unifying Buildings

Presenting a discrete street elevation, the extended eaves overhangs combine with a lower pitching height to reduce the overall height of the addition, whilst the dark elevation blends it into the shadows of the pine. Conceived as two buildings and brought together as one via the unifying entry, the building tectonics reference the QLD vernacular construction through expression of frame and structure and the application of common materials to provide texture and visual interest.

Visual Awareness

Only the double height of the glazed entry provides an indicator of the contemporary planning of the addition. The addition focuses on visual awareness and connectedness to the garden and the play of light throughout the spaces to create a light open interior that captures any available breeze to naturally control the climate of the home. The interiors explore the application and layering of natural and tactile materials to create a rich calming ambiance for the occupants.