Bal Harbour

Projects / Residential

Located on an amazing, pivotal waterfront corner within Broadbeach Waters the client had initially focused on extending and adapting the property to better suit his needs.  Over the course of numerous discussions this brief was transformed into a commission for the design of a new property that would maximise the opportunities afforded at this stunning location.

What has been achieved through the design process is the opposite of the original house and its relationship to the site.  The entry space and swimming pool originally choked engagement with surrounding waterways; the new design takes full advantage of the various vistas and connection with water from numerous vantage points both internally and from external entertainment spaces. The ability to engage with the waterfront as part of the arrival experience was at the forefront of our design approach.

Projects / Residential

The decision to organise interior spaces into two pavilions connected via an open link not only facilitated this idea of early engagement, it also suited the client’s request for a music studio retreat. The resulting central link has become the unifying entertainment area that is now the heart of the home. With privacy raised as an important consideration by the client, the central link also functions as a device to control the degree of privacy as you move from the street frontage through the entertainment courtyard to the waterfront beyond.  We purposefully designed the link to enable the client to control the level of privacy or engagement to suit the occasion, whereby a cedar and glass louvre façade provides the flexibility to suit the degree of connectivity, views and breeze.

The result of this residential design was achieved through detailed site analysis with the client through which the possibilities for the site were revealed to him.  Meetings were intentionally held at key locations at the property to allow focus on the potential for redevelopment, and the opportunity presented by the incredible water views.