The University of Queensland, Heron Island Research Accomm.

The Heron Island Research Facility combines both education, research and accommodation functions at the University of Queensland’s remote facilities on the Great Barrier Reef.

Student Accommodation was completed in 2003, concluding stage 1 of the project, and catering for 80 visitors. This suite of buildings comprises single and double storey one-room wide pavilions linked with elevated walkways for access above the bird-nesting zone. All the facilities are designed around passive solar principals with an emphasis on cross ventilation and natural lighting.

As such walkway verandahs are clad roofed in translucent in poly carbonate cladding and many of the external walls are clad in a multi-cell polycarbonate material selected for its light transmission yet insular and fire retardant qualities.

The University of Queensland
Project value:
$3.5 million
Team members:
Brad Muller
2011 Queensland State Architecture Award; 2011 Central Queensland Architecture Awards Regional Commendation; 2011 Central Queensland Architecture Colorbond Award for Steel Architecture