McDonald’s Restaurant, Toombul

McDonald’s tasked DM2 Architecture with the remodel of their Toombul Restaurant, to add a McCafe and create an inviting, contemporary dining space which resonated with their brand.

A strict budget meant any proposed layout must work within the parameters of the existing building including the service access doors and ceiling grid. The existing footprint consisted of a sales and service area facing a general food court. A narrow dining area to the side provided access to a small outdoor terrace and play area, which also served as a secondary entrance. Through reuse, innovation and good planning a truly unique, functional and inviting space was achieved within a confined budget. The solution is a design that uses the awkwardly long footprint to its advantage.

A rhythmic line of curved plywood bulkheads draws patrons through the space, with existing structural elements creating intimate dining zones. Columns at either end of the space serve to integrate bins and newspaper racks. Strategically placed, the bulkheads also partially conceal the existing unattractive ceiling grid. Materials including colour back glass, stone and tile subtly provide texture and protection from the general wear and tear public dining space endures. An expansive bright geometric graphic runs the length of the dining room and out to the terrace to merge the spaces and provide energy.

Team members:
Brad Muller, Joshua Graham