The University of Queensland, MacGregor Building, School of Biomedical Science

The refurbishment of level 5 of the Sir William MacGregor Building for the School of Biomedical Science was a substantial fitout which involved a significant asbestos removal process and renewal of 945m2 of existing laboratories and offices. The project brief was to accommodate 3 PC2 laboratories, 2 student rooms, 11 offices, meeting and freezer store facilities.

Further to this there were significant infrastructure upgrades to ensure this facility can adapt to the changing requirements of the University and the Research Scientists. The floor is re-planned around the existing plant rooms, toilets and lift core to accommodate 3x PC2 research facilities with offices and adjacent interactive spaces.

The configuration allows for future expansion of the various research groups as the labs share Culture Room, Microscope rooms, Animal Physiology and general support facilities. Connectivity between the lab and office space is achieved through proximity and a strategically positioned glazing which permits a visual connection between the laboratory spaces and the corridor.

The University of Queensland
Project value:
$2.9 million
Team members:
Brad Muller, William Evans