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Paddington House ArchitectureAU

Behind a picture-perfect colonial house, in what used to be a traditional Paddington backyard, sits a crisply detailed black-and-white pavilion in which a lifestyle of open living is celebrated. The existing house continues to play its part as a dormitory and night-time refuge, when life in the new build quietens. The old colonial home has a curious history of interactions. While it was on the market, architect Brad Muller had been tempted by it as a possible home for himself and his family, but in the end decided on another property. When it sold, the new owner approached Brad, a long-time friend, to complete a refit and extension – and so friend became client. When the job came into the dm2architecture office, it was discovered that Brad’s practice partner Jono Medhurst had, in his early days as an architect, designed a prior renovation at the house. Such are the coincidences of professional life.


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