Big Rig Roma

Projects / Commercial

DM2 have a special connection with the people and township of Roma. Having completed the Royal on 99 in the heart of Roma the previous year, DM2 were engaged by The Maranoa Council to create an observation tower and treetop walkway attraction within The Big Rig historic park. The primary function of the tower was to allow guests to experience and appreciate the bravery of the riggers, as they scale the tower to the same height of the historic EMSCO Big Rig. The top of the tower, an observation platform that cantilevers out towards the Big Rig, provides 360 degrees views taking in unique vistas of Roma and the surrounding outback landscape.

The tower is designed as a contemporary companion to the EMSCO rig, expressing the unique qualities of steel, much like the historic Big Rig, both in terms of the structural efficiency of steel and the inherent lacework aesthetic created by these iconic braced structures. The obvious departure is informed by the different function as a modern-day take-off and viewing platform.

Projects / Commercial

We chose the triangular form of the primary structural frame due to the fundamental strength inherent the shape and the facets created oriented perfectly to address the three primary planning axes identified in the masterplan, viewing the Big Rig, and providing take-off platforms for the Treetop Walkway and a future zipline attraction.

The tower and treetop walkway structures have been designed with modular construction in mind for efficiency, speed of construction and safety considerations. We love the iconic nature of the structure, and its purpose, to bring joy, wonder and excitement to those brave enough to experience the attraction.