DM2 Architecture – an introduction

DM2 Architecture has been delivering tailored services to clients throughout South East, regional Queensland and interstate since its establishment as Dimitriou Architects in 1981. DM2 Architecture was launched in 2007 upon the retirement of its founding director. The business has built a diverse project portfolio operating across sectors including: education, retail, and hospitality, commercial, residential and leisure. We value the ongoing relationship we have with our clients, some of whom we have worked with for more than a decade.

Purpose Driven Creativity – Our vision

Our values are deeply entrenched in understated elegance and simplicity. We embrace functional planning and respect existing character and context whilst providing contemporary environments in which to habitate. We integrate this approach into each and every design brief so that a space is elevated beyond the norm and resolves complexity into cohesion. Whether the project is green field, adaptive reuse, alterations and additions or interior design; DM2 explores the opportunity to create a pragmatic yet distinctive solution.

A relationships business – Our approach

Our approach is to work with you as a trusted advisor in the creation of beautifully practical spaces. We seek to understand your perspective and hold this vision throughout a project. We love what we do and our relationships are a huge part of this passion. DM2 Architecture is proud of our clients, many of whom we have worked with for many years, and with whom we partner seamlessly in the delivery of our projects.

Tailored solutions

From the smallest tenancy fitout to multimillion dollar projects, every DM2 Architecture brief is examined, discussed and deliberated to ensure that choices are intentional and meaningful. We invest time in project briefing and stakeholder engagement to ensure the context for a project is understood and reflected into execution and outcomes. Our delivery is flexible and empathetic, not only to the needs of the design brief, but also the project management complexities that evolve from day to day. Our team formulates a thorough understanding of functionality, lifecycle, environment and the final occupants of a project.  This understanding forms the basis of creative architectural solutions that are specific to place and purpose and deliver tangible benefits.

Our services

We are experienced at designing contemporary spaces which are adaptive and progressive; our team explores opportunities within each project and provides detailed guidance as to what it will take to realise objectives. We pride ourselves on the ability to provide fully architectural services from feasibilities, through design, documentation, and what is commonly referred to as project management; approvals, tendering, services during construction and administering contracts.

We work with our clients to tailor a level of service that meets their requirements and budgets.  

Special skills/creativity

DM2 offers a breadth of specialist design and project management skills and experience for this project.  Project Director, Brad Muller, has a blended career encompassing architectural and project management experience; the advisory lens he offers clients is holistic, pragmatic and commercially orientated. Our practice operates to the vision for Purpose Driven Creativity, which means that we invest in our initial briefing process to ensure that not only the detailed scoping is understood, but that the operational and practical context for a project is fully integrated into subsequent briefing and design process.

Buildability and Value for Money

Buildability is closely linked to programme and cost planning. We will look to implement established common building systems to maximise opportunities for the widest market and as such greatest efficiency and adoptability which in turn should assist in building procurement.

Lifecycle considerations

A major consideration for any property owner is the impact of operational and maintenance costs for the lifecycle of the building. This is often a balancing act between high initial capital outlay verses minimised ongoing costs and low establishment costs with a greater future costs through operation. At DM2 we review this consideration with our clients to establish the comfortable balance.