Hillside Ct. Hamilton.Residential Development

Residential Development Hillside Crescent and Arran Ave Hamilton. Brisbane

These residential projects presented 4 very steep sites with obvious accessibility and construction constraints, but also an opportunity to obtain river views. The sites were also in a demolition control precinct, some with small allotment constraints.

After initially gaining sub-division and easement approvals, and following the construction of a large easement driveway and retaining wall 5 houses in total were designed across the sites.

The houses, typically 4-5 bedrooms, were all designed with the same philosophy in mind to minimise costs and maximise the livability of the houses. This was achieved primarily through modular planning with a strong structural grid to simplify the constructability and with the planning intent to incorporate single story living for the main living spaces while providing river views .

Primarily light weight construction was used to contextually and economical frame the buildings while more solid building elements were uses sparingly to anchor the building and provide a more solid interface.