Goddard Level 2 Student Laboratories

The University of Queensland Student Laboratories.

The redevelopment of the School of Biological Sciences’ 1st year teaching labs and their support spaces endeavored to create spaces for new flexible teaching and delivery methods. The project involved the refurbishment of 750m2 of existing laboratories and prep spaces into 2x labs accommodating 112 students each. Each lab is further broken into 7x tutor groups to allow for flexible delivery. This delivery is further augmented by accommodating both wet lab and computer based functions with monitors for both the students and staffIn creating this flexible space one of the main issues which needed to be resolved was the problem with acoustic separation between tutor groups. This issue was resolved through the use of acoustic baffles which can be seen hanging from the ceiling. The combination of the acoustic separation and interaction of services has allowed the students and staff to share information amongst the individual groups and the wider class. This has in turn created a dynamic and successful teaching environment.