McDonald Restaurant TOOMBUL

Restaurant Remodel

The refurbishment to McDonalds Toombul food court counter and side dining area was completed at the end of 2011. A McCafe counter was added as part of the sales and service upgrade. Working to a constrained budget an outstanding visual change was achieved. Veneered plywood panels run along the walls of the dining area and curve up to form a bulkhead over the banquette seat. This element creates a more intimate space for patrons but also helped to disguise the existing ceiling grid that was to remain.

A long geometric graphic runs down the dining room, out into the terrace and playland seating area, then around to the drive thru wall which helps to amalgamate the spaces and draw patrons into the back entrance. The McDonalds in the Toombul shopping centre is a unique store in many ways and we created a distinctive design for the space.